Friday, December 27, 2013


As 2013 comes to an end I'm thinking about everything that has came with it, our experiences, memories, and struggles. I am so thankful for all of it.
With 2014 fast approaching I wanted to think about a theme for the year for myself to focus on, improve on, and grow. I didn't have to think long and I didn't have to think hard. It's something I've really been craving for the past few months...simplicity.
It is so easy to be consumed with things. In our tiny 800somethingish square feet house it's easy to get overwhelmed with things. So that's where I'm starting. Cleaning out our possessions. I've been in my room for the past 5 hours getting rid of stuff...seriously. Yesterday, I got rid of a few trash bags full of my kids things. It's like a breath of fresh air. But, more then simplifying our things I long to simplify our whole lives. Paring our busy schedules down to have more quality time. Shop less. Covet less. I want to teach my children THINGS don't make you happy. We need to enjoy what we have and take the time to really see how blessed we are.
Now I'm not quiet sure where this leaves my little business. Running a handmade business out of our already cramped kitchen is the exact opposite of simple. It's chaotic, messy, and time consuming. However, I do love it. I need to take some time off to pray about and see where He takes me. 
So enjoy your last day of 2013 tomorrow. I hope you all have a very blessed new year!

Friday, October 11, 2013

DIY: Chalkboard Play Table

My daughter is hitting that age where I think having a small play table around is very useful.
So I hit up our local Ikea for their Latt table and chairs- seriously people it's only $19.99! Does is get any better than that?
Why yes it does because that afternoon I got to wander around Ikea kid-free!! That is the perk of having an anti-ikea husband. He offers to keep the kids so he doesn't have to go ;)

I knew I wanted to personalize the table to fit our needs. Like most kids, mine are chalkboard obsessed so I wanted to add chalkboard paint. Also, I needed to add a little modern touch since the table would be in our living room. As you can see, I decided to keep with the paint dipped trend I did with the baskets a few months ago.

Here are the how-to details:
You will need:
-chalkboard paint (Home Depot)
-acrylic paint (Home Depot)
-sand paper
-paint brush
-painters tape (I used washi tape and it totally worked!)

I lightly sanded all the wood and the wiped them down. Then I measured where I wanted the paint to end on my "paint dipped" legs. I taped off all the ends.

Then I painted the white table too and seat bottoms with the chalkboard paint. Now here is a confession, I used cheap craft chalkboard paint at first and when I assembled the table it all peeled off! It didn't adhere at all. Lesson learned. Don't be cheap and go get the good stuff from Home Depot.
So once I had the good chalkboard paint I painted on 3 coats and let it cure a few days per their directions.
In the meantime, I painted the table and chair pieces with a few coats of white paint. I chose a semi gloss paint that will clean better then a flat finish. I'm noticing a few places that need to be touched up eventually. I can do a lot of things well...painting isn't one of them.
After everything was dry I took off the tape and fought the urge to say ta-da! each time. Then I assembled the table and chairs which was really quick and easy.

I added a basket underneath to store all her play kitchen items.

My girl was so happy about her table and we've already gotten so much use out of it.

I mean come on- look at her pouring tea! Precious.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

I have bad luck with phones and I made a cute skirt awhile back...

How's that for a title, huh?
Well, I do have horrible luck with phones. My current iPhone survived a dip in my coffee mug courtesy of my toddler quite awhile ago. The only issue with it is that it has trouble connecting to chargers and such so for MONTHS I have been stuck with 2,000+ photos on my phone unable to upload them to my computer...until now. It must be my lucky day because I randomly tried this morning and it worked!
So I have a few posts to catch up on now that I have pictures.
Let's start with this skirt I made Charlie quite a few months ago...I'm calling it the 15 minute skirt. It really doesn't get any quicker or easier...and dare I say any cuter??

I saw a photo of a skirt like this pinned on pinterest. Of course, now I cannot find it so I'm just telling you now the use of the wide elastic as a waistband is not my original idea. However, I didn't use anyone's tutorial on this so I figured I would tell you all how to make your own 15 minute skirt.
This a great beginner project. You do not need extensive sewing knowledge to make this.
I wasn't intending on making Charlie a skirt, until she saw this elephant fabric at Joann's Fabric one day and went crazy for it!

You will need wide width elastic and fabric for this project. (and of course all sewing notions)
The amount needed really depends on the size of skirt you are making.

1. The first thing I did was measure her waist and cut the elastic accordingly. You could also measure a skirt you have that is the size you would like this to be.
I used a zig zag stitch back and forth a few times to sew it into a round, sturdy waistband.

2. Then you cut the amount of fabric you will need. I can't figure out how to flip this photo but it should be facing the other way to show you that your fabric will be in a rectangle shape. The length of your fabric should be how long/short you want your skirt. Take the waistband into consideration and remember to add about 1.25 inch for seam allowance on the top and your hem on the bottom. If you are unsure about the length you want I would recommend that you add a few inches and then once it is constructed you can try it on her and adjust the hem to your desired length. The width you cut your rectangle into should be enough to go the whole circumference of your waistband plus a few inches to allow you to give it a cute little gather. You can make it as gathered as you want's all a matter of preference.

3. Place right sides (your printed side) together and sew your rectangle closed making it a round band now. Press your seam open as pictured. Then, you can zig zag stitch down both raw edges of your seam to prevent fraying.

4. Now, we are going to do the gathered part on the top of the skirt. You can do this two ways...either set you stitch length to the longest length and then pull the tails to gather it by hand OR set you stitch length to the longest length and crank your tension up and it will gather itself.

5. Here is your skirt that needs a waistband

Pin the waist band, right sides together, to the skirt. You will probably want to match up the seam of the waistband with the side seam of the skirt to make it the "Back" of the skirt.

Now sew. Make sure your seam allowance is wide enough to cover up your gathering stitch.

6. Unpin, flip the waistband up, iron it, and try it on if you need to figure out your hem. Then fold it under twice, iron, pin to hold it in place (if I've ironed it down I usually skip this step), and sew your hem.

Now you are officially done. Enjoy the cuteness.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monsters Inc Party

My girl LOVES Monsters Inc. and when we asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted there was no hesitation when she said "monkas inc!"
We decided to just have a little family party for her and set up her pool and slip and slide (her favorite things.)
Of course, no matter how small, a party is not complete without a few decorations.

Did you know if you set your sewing machine on the longest stitch length and high tension 99 cent streamers turn into awesome decorations?!

I made her cupcakes on her actual birthday.

But she requested brownies for her party...

I'm so glad we kept her party small and low key. She had so much fun and really enjoyed being the center of attention!

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Bringing Splatter Paint Back

Seriously, what's more fun than splatter paint? I grew up in the 80's and early 90's so splatter paint has a fond place in my heart. My cousin even had splatter paint covered walls that I was so envious of!
I'm a part of the MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group at our church and I am helping with the creative activities this year. Our theme this year is "A Beautiful Mess" which we loved but had a hard time coming up with centerpiece ideas. We finally decided on a grown up version of splatter paint- I mean that's totally "a beautiful mess" right?

We had so much fun making these! Here's a little sneak peak-

I'll post real pictures when the tables are all set at our first meeting.
Xo- Sarah

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

DIY: Tiny Teepee

I had been wanting to make my daughter a teepee for awhile now. She loved to play in a little Thomas the Train tent we had saved from when my son was younger but of course I wanted something a little cuter. I had planned to maker her a teepee for her birthday but then my husband took my son on a boys trip for the weekend. It was the perfect time to get the teepee done.

I had looked at tutorials in the past but really I thought a teepee was pretty self explanatory.
I wasn't planning on writing a tutorial on mine so I didn't take photos of my process. But I got so many inquiries I thought I would try my best to explain how I made our teepee.
We have a very tiny house so we didn't have the space for the gigantic teepees I've seen.
Charlie and I headed to Home Depot and purchased bamboo garden stakes (under $3 for the pack) then Jo-Ann Fabrics for the lace (around $12 for 3 yards) 3 yards ended up being way too much for how small our teepee was but I wanted to play it safe. I also used hot glue, yarn, and clothes pins that I had at home.
First, I made the frame. I set it up where I thought I wanted it and made it to fit the area. I bound the top of the poles together with yarn and used hot glue to secure it.

Then I cut a 5th bamboo stake down to fit the back and sides of the teepee. I also bound them together with yarn and hot glue.
I also put a small piece across the front about 3/4 of the way up just incase. Just make sure that part is higher than your child's head.
Now, it's time to make the cover, you don't have to use the lace but I found it to be very forgiving. My cuts were exact which made my sewing a little wavy and you can't even tell.
I used the clothespins to pin the fabric to each side, one at a time. I then cut each side out using the bamboo stakes as my guide and leaving enough fabric on the sides for my sewing seam allowance. If you are using a fabric that has a right or wrong side you will want to pin it in with the wrong side facing out. Once you have all your sides, including the front, pin them together with the right sides together and sew. On the top you will want to leave room to slide the cover over the top of the stakes then you can hand sew it tight once it's on.
To make the opening in the front all I did was cut a slit up the front until it was high enough for my daughter to enter. If you are using a fabric that will unravel you can 1. Leave it and enjoy the rustic look 2. Hem it. 3. Add binding or some other type of decorative trim. Pom poms perhaps?

I had a little gap between my cover and where the I bound the top of the teepee together. I didn't really like how it looked so I just wrapped yarn to cover it and then added some adorable yarn tassels.

Now, this was made for a small toddler and only used inside. For heavy use or older children I would highly recommend using wood instead of bamboo stakes and perhaps drilling some holes at the top to help hold them together.
But, with that being said it has been perfect for her and she loves it. It really wasn't difficult, I finished it in one evening, and it cost under $15. I would call that a success.

My Charlie Girl

Yesterday, my baby girl turned two.

Two years ago our lives were flipped upside down when our family of 3 welcomed our newest member making it now a party of 4. I knew we were in for it with this firecracker when she literally screamed non stop for the first four hours of her life. She was making her presence known. She's been feisty ever since and I wouldn't have her any other way. My girl isn't all fire though. She is actually incredibly sweet and caring and a really happy kid.

The joy she has brought to our family is indescribable. She really is a special girl. Besides being insanely beautiful she has such a fun personality. She is such a little smartie and is so quick witted already. She has a way with people that just blows me away and she is only two. God has big plans for this tiny lady and I'm so very happy I get to experience life with her. I love to watch her grow and learn more every day. Charlie Ann you have been such a huge blessing and I'm so thankful that I'm your mommy! I love you boogie.

Here's some photos from her big day.
She woke up ready for presents-

She got to help me make her birthday cupcakes.

She enjoyed her favorite thing- pool time with her brother.

But my poor baby was so tired she passed out before her dad and brother could get home from baseball for her birthday dinner.

We woke her up for her cupcake and she was obviously thrilled about it.

Seriously, best photo ever right?

She still has a party this weekend and hopefully she doesn't fall asleep for that one ;)

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